Chatbot Knowledge Base - The Why and How Explained

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A knowledge base chatbot is a computer program that gets answers to your questions quickly and adds value to the operations. It's like a help that knows answers to almost every question and gives you information whenever and wherever you need it, no matter the topic.

What makes AI-powered chatbots unique is not a set of instructions that enable them to answer queries; instead, they use AI incorporated into the chat. Whenever you search for a question, the chatbot goes through a knowledge base instead of giving a fixed answer.

The chatbot AI gives a detailed analysis based on information extracted from different sources, like a human mind reading several books simultaneously and then answering a chat.

Getting an answer from a chatbot is similar to talking to an expert. The only limitation comes when the data in the knowledge base is incorrect or not up-to-date, resulting in inaccurate information due to knowledge base inaccuracies.

Knowledge Base Chatbots: How to Build Them

If you also want to rely on a chatbot for your business or any other use but have no coding experience, we have covered you. Follow the following steps to turn your knowledge-base chatbot into a helpful team member in just a few clicks.

Access Your Knowledge Base

Start by opening the URL to your knowledge base, whether it's your FAQs page or help center. Alternatively, you can import it using a CSV file.

Connect Your Bot to Gen AI

To set the stage for automation, use this link to connect your knowledge base to your gen AI provider's API integration.

Test and Customize

Experiment with a few test chats to ensure everything works smoothly. You can also customize the bot's tone of voice to align with your brand identity.

This is where your journey with your bot will begin, and you will not need the extensive training of a support member who has to go through sources to solve a query.

Why Do You Need Knowledge Bots?

Let us understand why these knowledge bots are a valuable addition to your support agents and how they help your support strategy.

24/7 Multilingual Customer Support

Knowledge bots enable you to provide 24/7 customer support in multiple languages. Your customers do not have to wait for days to get a quality response from your agents, as a well-researched response to get a customer query solved takes a lot of time and impacts the overall customer experience.

Generative AI powers these bots to offer instant, high-quality responses according to your brand's voice. They also can converse with users fluently in various languages, leveraging your existing knowledge base in one language.

Scalability without Agents

As business practices change and scale, customer care becomes an important part of them. You have to compete with your competitors based on your customer service constantly.

You cannot keep hiring support agents to provide 24/7 support; that is where bots come to your rescue. Knowledge bots help you scale your operations without hiring or training more agents.

Your existing employees can implement the automation needed for chatbots, handle repetitive requests, and clear any customer tickets to help you instantly manage your work.

Future-Proofing Contact Center

You may experience a sudden surge in customer conversations at some points in your business industry progress. Such situations are a burden on the agents and impact their performance.

Knowledge bots should be the key to mitigating the impact of such surges on your support team agents. These knowledge bots act as a robust automation tool and will handle as many questions as you receive without impacting business performance.

Easy To Implement

One of the standout advantages of knowledge bots is their ease of implementation. Within minutes, you can connect your knowledge base to a gen AI provider and benefit from automation.

Knowledge bots are unlike any other traditional dialogue flow creation, requiring prior coding experience and an extensive explanation of every scenario. Knowledge bots can streamline the process with minimal effort and make it accessible to your team.

List of Best Software with Knowledge Bot

Almost every software nowadays relies on knowledge bots to manage customer support and make it accessible 24/7. Following is the list of the best software with a knowledge base incorporated.


Freshchat incorporates a knowledge bot that leverages AI to provide personalized and instant responses to customers, not only in the messaging but also in the website and other apps, improving customer satisfaction and reducing response times.


Intercom's AI-powered chatbot, Fin, is designed to understand better and respond to customer inquiries based on the information available in its knowledge base compared to any other bot. It offers intelligent suggestions and automates repetitive tasks, enhancing support efficiency.


Birdeye Webchat is a chat window you can add to your website. It will engage with visitors to resolve questions, book appointments, resolve customer issues, and more. It uses AI algorithms to analyze and respond to customer comments, helping companies maintain a positive online reputation.


JustReply is another way to manage customer queries. The best thing about JustReply is that it can be integrated into your Slack workspace without the need for managing multiple channels.


Drift's knowledge bot utilizes AI to engage website visitors and provide relevant information based on their queries. It helps businesses capture leads, qualify customer interest, share compelling content, and even schedule a meeting with sales.

Summing Up

Knowledge bots are essential to solve the challenge of effective customer service, as you cannot instantly provide 24/7 multilingual support to your customers without incorporating chatbots. Moreover, it does not require expertise, so it is an easy-to-implement solution for an enhanced customer experience. 

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