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Built for teams where everyone should do support

View, assign, reply and resolve all support and live chat conversation directly from within your Slack workspace.

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Ideal for smaller teams where everyone is involved in support.

Our customers live in Slack. We empower them to manage, respond, and resolve customer support seamlessly from their workspace.

90% of our support tickets are resolved directly from Slack and within minutes.

Love our new helpcenter. It's easy to find the content and it looks beautiful.

Fits perfectly for a team that lives and breathes inside Slack.

Customer Support tool for Startups

Feature spotlight

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Beautiful helpcenter

Choose between 3 beautiful helpcenter templates that makes your support articles easy to find and live on your own custom domain.

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Flexible chat widget

Enable whatever you feel comfortable with. We support: Live Chat, Email Support, Voice Support, and Video Support directly from within the widget.

Mid fidelity illustration of an inbox
Minimalist inbox

View all your incoming conversations in a clean and minimalist inbox that enables you to easily see which conversations should be prioritised.

Mid fidelity illustration of a macro
Speedy macros

Create macros for your most asked questions and send in one click. Macros can be translated by the click of a button.

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Powerful search

You can use command + k to find anything inside your JustReply workspace. It's never been easier and faster to navigate your support tool.

Mid fidelity illustration of a smart editor
Smart editor

Create and edit your support articles in a Notion-like editor. You can also type in "++" to autocomplete your support article with AI.

Mid fidelity illustration of a user using JustReply to respond to a conversation inside Slack
Customer Support from Slack

Enable our Slack workflow to run your support inside Slack

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All conversations are sent to Slack.
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React with 👀 to assign the conversation to you
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React with ✅ to resolve the conversation
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