Helpscout vs. JustReply

Dive deep into Help Scout vs JustReply. Compare features, benefits, and user experience to determine the ideal customer support solution for your business needs

In the digital age, a personalized touch isn't just preferred—it's demanded. 56% of customers expect personalized interactions, and an even greater 62% want companies to anticipate their needs before they voice them. Clearly, the bar for customer service has skyrocketed.

Help Scout has long been a go-to in the customer support market, catering to these high expectations. Yet, every solution isn't for everyone. If you're looking for alternatives, chances are you want:

  • An intuitive platform that personalizes the customer journey
  • Design and functionality walking hand in hand
  • Cost-effectiveness without compromising quality
  • Features that resonate with today's dynamic customer needs.

While Help Scout has been a commendable companion for many, there's always room for a fresh perspective and a different approach. That's where JustReply enters the market.

In this deep dive, we'll stack up Help Scout vs JustReply, shedding light on which tool is your next customer support ally.

Help Scout VS. JustReply: Key Differences

Navigating the landscape of customer support tools can be challenging. Help Scout and JustReply, though operating in the same space, cater to different needs and preferences. 

Here's a quick comparison:

User Experience and Speed

Help Scout, although a relatively newer player in the customer support market, has received mixed feedback from its users. According to some reviews, its interface is outdated and the overall design is bloated, contributing to a subpar user experience. 

For example, support agents find themselves trapped in a tedious cycle of manually clicking between tabs and copy-pasting information, tasks that not only consume valuable time but also detract from the efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions.

On the other hand, JustReply focuses on delivering an experience that's 10x faster than many competitors. But what truly sets JustReply apart isn't just its speed. The product is enriched with user experience as its cornerstone. Its design ethos embodies clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and an intuitive layout.

For agents working on JustReply, it’s a refreshing departure from the routine. The platform doesn’t feel like just another tool they have to navigate. Instead, it mirrors a meticulously curated workspace that’s designed keeping in mind the modern-day demands.

Personalized and Automated Interactions

Although Help Scout originally didn't focus much on AI, it now has AI features. It leverages third-party AI integrations which often come with their own set of challenges. It's clear that AI isn't Help Scout's forte, and it reflects in the user experience—especially when these third-party AI tools face issues.

JustReply skillfully balances technological advancements with human interaction. While it embeds AI to enhance its offerings—like auto-tagging conversations and an AI-powered support article editor—the initial user interaction remains untainted by automation. 

JustReply's philosophy is simple: let humans handle the warmth of the first contact, and let AI streamline the rest. This ensures genuine, heart-to-heart conversations, which are crucial because the only way to learn from customers—the #1 most important thing every company must do—is by having conversations with them. By emphasizing genuine interactions, we ensure that businesses can truly understand and cater to their customers' needs, leveraging the prowess of tech without losing the human touch.

Pricing Transparency

For a startup or small business, Help Scout costs can be a hurdle. At $700/year for two agents with limited features is not the most pocket-friendly option out there. The pricing can be a tad steep for fledgling startups that are watching every penny.

However, JustReply’s straightforward and affordable plans make efficient customer support tools for businesses to succeed. No cryptic pricing structures or unforeseen costs. JustReply has a trio of clear, transparent pricing plans. Every month, you'll know exactly what's coming out of your pocket. It's fair, and it's transparent.

What Is Help Scout?

Founded in 2011 by visionary entrepreneurs Nick Francis and Jared McDaniel, Help Scout emerged as a response to a glaring void in the market. At that time, existing customer service platforms weren't reflecting the very essence of customer-centric values. The mission was clear–to craft a platform that placed customers at the core.

CEO Nick Francis perfectly encapsulated the brand's ideology when he remarked, “Even though there were several competitors in the market, they were all helpdesks putting a barrier between you and the customer. We imagined what it would be like for that barrier to actually be invisible.”

Help Scout, with its core belief that exemplary customer service is both a vital operational element and a strategic brand differentiator, empowers over 12,000 customer-facing teams in 140+ countries. Developed by teams in 80+ cities worldwide, its value is acknowledged by prestigious clients such as Michelin, Michelin Group in France, and the U.S. retail leader, Nordstrom.

Help Scout's Features

Here are three standout features offered by Help Scout:

Shared Inbox

This centralized hub facilitates multiple team members to manage and respond to customer inquiries from various channels, including email, chat, and social media. By consolidating conversations in one place, teams can collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that each customer gets a consistent and timely response, enhancing the overall support experience.

90+ Apps & Integrations

Help Scout is not just about managing customer interactions; it's about optimizing the workflow. With over 90 applications and integrations available, businesses can effortlessly connect Help Scout with other essential web services they rely upon. This adaptability ensures a more streamlined and efficient workflow, further improving team productivity.

Reporting and Metrics

In the era of data-driven decision-making, Help Scout doesn't fall short. It offers a comprehensive suite of six distinct reports, empowering teams to gauge productivity, set benchmarks, and measure key performance indicators in their customer support journey. 

Help Scout’s Pricing

Help Scout offers several pricing tiers, catering to a variety of business sizes and needs. The pricing is based on a per-user, per-month structure, ensuring scalability for growing businesses. Here's a breakdown of their tiers:

Standard Tier (Starting at $20 per month): Designed for growing team and includes:

  • 2 Mailboxes (email + live chat)
  • Docs knowledge base
  • In-app messaging
  • 100+ integrations
  • AI assist (Beta)

Plus Tier (Starting at $40 per month): Suited for businesses that require advanced collaboration and organization. This tier includes:

  • All Standard-tier features
  • 5 Mailboxes (+ social channels)
  • 2 Docs knowledge bases
  • 25 light users
  • Custom fields and Teams
  • Advanced permissions
  • AI summarization tool (Beta)
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Jira, HubSpot, etc.

Pro Tier (Starting at $65 per month): Exclusively available on an annual basis for large teams and includes:

  • All features from the Plus tier
  • 25 Mailboxes
  • 10 Docs knowledge bases
  • 50 light users
  • Advanced security & HIPAA compliance
  • Increased API access
  • Complimentary training
  • Dedicated account management

The Plus Tier is often highlighted in reviews as a balanced choice, offering a comprehensive set of features while maintaining scalability for growing businesses.


  • The software is tailored for personalization, ensuring optimal individual performance
  • Offers permissions that allow both employees and contractors to use the platform without running into legal concerns
  • Robust workflows segment tickets into distinct categories for swift responses to similar issues


  • The software can sometimes become slow and get network errors within the server
  • Frequent lightbox popups with the potential of losing work if not correctly responded 
  • With a primary focus on email and chat tracking, calls are not as effective

Help Scout’s Alternative: JustReply

In the landscape of customer support platforms, established players like Help Scout have paved the way, but innovative entrants like JustReply are redefining the game.

JustReply takes pride in maintaining an authentic human touch, firmly opposing the concept of AI chatbot automation for early-stage startups such as Series A and before. According to its beliefs, startups thrive when they genuinely interact with their customers, understanding their desires, apprehensions, and feedback.

This approach resonates with the idea of putting oneself in the shoes of their customers and ensures that rising organizations remain responsive to real-time input which can help them in the long run.

Technically, JustReply is designed for the modern business era. It strikes a balance between sophistication and ease of use with its quick speed and feature-rich, intuitive interface.  

Furthermore, recognizing the modern startup market's preference for platforms such as Slack, JustReply's integrations guarantee efficient communication, establishing it as a strong competitor in the modern space.

JustReply’s Features

Multiple Communication Channels

JustReply seamlessly bridges communication gaps by offering a robust range of platforms for customer engagement. From real-time live chats to immersive voice and video support, they ensure that every customer touchpoint is addressed.

Streamlined Intuitive Interface

JustReply's elegantly designed Inbox embodies simplicity and functionality. It empowers businesses to effortlessly sift through customer queries, helping them prioritize and respond with unmatched efficiency, enhancing the overall support journey.

Smart Editor

Drafting and refining support articles is a breeze with JustReply's editor, similar to platforms like Notion. Moreover, the ingenious "++" shortcut enables autocompletion, further simplifying content creation.

Quick Response Macros

With JustReply's Macros, answering recurrent questions is a breeze. In addition to speeding up replies, it has an integrated translation feature that guarantees companies connect with customers anywhere, regardless of language.

Efficient Search Tool

Time is of the essence in customer support, and JustReply underscores this with its ultra-responsive 'command + k' search feature.


Pricing transparency and affordability are paramount for businesses. When compared to solutions like Help Scout, where 50 light users can lead to a monthly cost of $65 (with an annual commitment), JustReply's straightforward and tier-based pricing structure emerges as an attractive alternative. 

This clear and economical pricing makes JustReply a top contender for startups (series A and before) seeking a balance between quality and affordability.

Starting Plan ($15 per month):

  • Ideal for individual users who require comprehensive support tools
  • Full-fledged access to JustReply's myriad features
  • Seamlessly integrate your support mechanism with Slack workflows

Growing Plan ($64 per month):

  • Designed for teams, accommodating up to 20 users
  • Enhance your brand image with a custom domain
  • Remove JustReply's default branding, making the platform authentically represent your business
  • Define specific roles and permissions, granting granular control over platform accessibility

Enterprise Plan ($399 per month):

  • A scalable solution with unlimited user capacity
  • Integration ease, with Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, ensuring a seamless blend with your current systems
  • Benefit from a dedicated account manager for tailored assistance and expert guidance
  • Access the Developer API for deeper customizations, aligning the platform closely with your unique requirements.

Help Scout vs. JustReply: Feature Comparison

When comparing Help Scout vs JustReply, a parallel feature comparison can help in determining which solution aligns more closely with your company's requirements. 

Here's a brief overview:

Feature Help Scout JustReply
Multiple Communication Channels A centralized hub for email, chat, and social media (integrations for voice support) Real-time live chat with call and video support
Integrations 90+ app integrations Modern integrations like Slack
Design Interface Bit old school (manual switching between tabs) 10x faster clean and intuitive interface
Search Standard search filters (save searches as bookmarks) Special ‘Command + k’ search
Editor Markdown support, shortcuts, and formatting on built-in docs Smart Notion-like editor with “++’ command for autocomplete
AI and Automation Third-party AI integrations Greater emphasis on authentic human interactions
Ticketing System Embraces conversations rather than help desk tickets Streamlined customer conversations without delays
Pricing Tier-based starting from $20 per agent per month (best for midsize companies) Tier-based starting from $15 per agent per month (best for startups)

Wrapping Up

In a business world driven by customer interactions and satisfaction, the right customer support platform not only enhances efficiency but also ensures seamless communication with your customers, fostering trust and credibility.

As we assessed Help Scout vs JustReply, the primary insights are:

  • Help Scout offers a comprehensive set of features, ensuring versatility for diverse business needs.
  • JustReply's interface stands out for its simplicity and ease of use, making it attractive for those prioritizing user experience.
  • Help Scout emphasizes integrations and customization options, catering to businesses that require flexibility.
  • JustReply offers an affordable entry point, making it an excellent choice for startups and smaller businesses that need to keep an eye on costs.

Considering these points, Help Scout is apt for medium to large-scale businesses that prioritize versatility and customization options in their customer support tool.

JustReply serves as a strong Help Scout alternative, particularly excelling for startups and SMEs. It is especially appealing to businesses with a global clientele who are looking for an economical solution without compromising on service quality. With its seamless integration into platforms like Slack, a keen focus on user experience, and its modern, efficient design, JustReply stands out as an outstanding choice for those who need a swift, contemporary alternative.

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