Customer Engagement Software - Key Features and Best Solutions

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Customer engagement software is a pivotal tool for a business that aims to manage and enhance customer relationships. A company has to deal with complex customer interactions. The best customer engagement software helps businesses manage these interactions, eventually leading to improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, and better retention rates.

The best customer engagement software helps capture a holistic view of the customer journey by gathering data from various online and offline touchpoints. The software also enables businesses to track and analyze every customer interaction with the company. Interaction can be through automation features or direct interaction with live support agents.

These customer engagement platforms also enable businesses to make informed decisions using the insights obtained through customer experience. It also allows them to provide a personalized experience to customers on e-commerce platforms, checkout processes, social media, physical stores, and customer support services.

Main Features Best Customer Engagement Platform Needs

To select the best customer engagement solution for your business, it is essential to prioritize the features that align well with the company's goals. Following is the list of main features you should look for in the best customer engagement software to enhance your customer journey.


The best customer engagement tools should have customized functionality that can be catered to meet specific and changing business needs. It should be able to seamlessly integrate with multiple communication channels, such as email, chatbots, and in-app onboarding solutions.

Advanced Segmentation

It should have advanced segmentation capabilities, which include the ability to segment users based on their user personas, demographics, analytics of the entire journey, and product usage journey. This advanced segmentation helps provide customers with a personalized experience, as messaging will be completely personalized according to the consumer segment.

Advanced Personalization Capabilities

Beyond expected customization, the best customer engagement platforms should also allow customers to experience a personalized journey based on their needs and preferences. The onboarding experience is also an essential step for the customer journey, and customization at this step leads to enhanced user experience.

Behaviorally Triggered Automation

Contextual automation is triggered based on user actions and interactions within the app, and this advanced automation improves overall engagement by delivering relevant messages at the right time.

Analytics and Tracking

Your software should also be able to utilize tracking and analytics tools to track user behavior and how they engage with your business, as this will help you make informed decisions and optimize the customer experience.

Customer Segments

Make sure that your customer engagement tool provides the function to divide customers into specific segments based on various criteria, such as demographics, product usage, and user interactions. This segmentation enables companies to perform targeted marketing and personalized communication.

It also enables the support agents to deliver relevant offers, promotions, and messages to different customer segments according to their needs to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Multiple Communication Options

It should offer omnichannel communication, meaning it should support communication across multiple channels such as email, SMS, social media, and in-app messaging, allowing businesses to reach customers on their preferred platforms and use the channel that the customers prefer.

Talking to customers on their preferred channel and customized communication yields more engaging and effective interaction with your users, leading to a satisfactory experience.


Automated workflows also streamline customer engagement. Businesses can achieve this by sending targeted offers and customer messages based on some set criteria. Automations that save time and work effort also increase your team's productivity.


You should also offer and incorporate loyalty programs in your tool, as offering loyalty programs helps in customer retention and encourages repeat purchases. Gamification in different forms, such as reward points and promotion options, enhances loyalty and engagement.

Mobile App Integration

A seamless customer experience also requires integration with mobile apps. Secured payment options, easy mobile phone access, and personalized integration all lead to enhanced engagement.


You do not only have to provide a personalized customer experience but also comprehensively gain insights and reports from the centralized dashboards created in the tool. These data-driven insights help you make informed decisions and enhance customer engagement.

Centralized Management

The centralized dashboard is a crucial feature of best customer engagement software, as it helps manage marketing messaging, customer segments, loyalty programs, and other elements in one platform. This ensures easy access to data insights and management tools for enhanced customer engagement.


Customer engagement software's integration with other companies' systems and compatibility with the company's systems is essential if your tool can integrate with POS systems, e-commerce platforms, and other location-based solutions; only then will it help provide a seamless, engaging experience.

How Customer Engagement Tools Improve the Overall Customer Experience

The primary purpose of customer engagement solutions is to provide businesses with tools that help them build strong relationships with their customers. These tools improve the overall customer experience by helping the companies in the following ways.

It helps businesses build brand loyalty as it helps engage customers at various touchpoints, and customers return to the brand repeatedly.

Engaging customers throughout the journey makes them feel valuable and leads to more cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

All features, including chatbots, automated workflows, and knowledge bases, help solve customer queries on time, which never leads to an unsatisfied customer.

Real-time engagement with customers using these customer engagement tools makes customers feel that their feedback is being incorporated promptly into the business system, creating enhanced satisfaction.

It helps businesses store customer data, meaning the customer experience remains consistent throughout the journey. This consistent brand experience enhances the user experience and engagement process.

Customer engagement software helps make the consumer experience better in every way. However, selecting a tool with all the above features enhances this experience and makes customers feel valued in their user journey.

Here’s why AI is the Key to More Empathetic Customer Experiences

In today's fast-paced business world, where customers constantly expect businesses to evolve, staying on top of customer engagement compared to competitors is crucial. The traditional methods of connecting with and understanding customers have entirely transformed, and all the credit for this goes to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is no longer an abstract concept but a tool that is constantly used by businesses to reshape how they interact with their customers. They have made these interactions more meaningful, personalized, and impactful. As a result, every interaction becomes an opportunity for growth and connection. AI is said to be the key to a more empathetic customer experience; let's delve into how AI helps enhance customer engagement.

AI Technology

AI technology, which includes machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and data analytics, plays crucial roles in customer engagement.

Machine learning algorithms understand customer behavior through customer journey; these algorithms adapt and learn to improve and personalize the customer experience. This reduces the need for human translation of these customer interactions.

NLP allows machines to understand human language and thus enables the chatbots to interact with customers as they interact with humans.

Data analytics helps businesses analyze consumer data to gain insights into patterns and behaviors. Businesses can tailor engagement strategies, transforming complex user behavior into actionable insights using AI technology.

Personalization through AI

AI-driven personalization helps businesses provide customers with valuable experience and services to customers.

AI algorithm analyzes customer behavior and patterns and suggests products according to past purchases. This personalized recommendation increases the likelihood of improving customer satisfaction.

AI is also crucial in crafting personalized marketing messages according to relevant customer experience. AI also determines the tone, content, and context before sending these customer messages. This level of personalization makes customers feel valued.

AI-driven personalization is not limited to marketing messages; the website content, email newsletters, and promotional materials are customized according to users. This personalized content keeps customers engaged.

AI also has real-time personalization, which involves changing consumer content as it interacts with businesses at different touchpoints. This leads to higher customer engagement and, eventually, higher conversion rates.

13 Customer Engagement Solutions for Stronger Customer Relationships

To enhance customer engagement, businesses need customer engagement software that helps create personalized user experiences. Following is the list of the top 13 customer engagement solutions that keep customers engaged and loyal to the business.

  1. WebEngage
  2. Zendesk
  3. JustReply
  4. Service Bell
  5. Upshot
  6. Braze
  7. ChurnZero
  8. amoCRM
  9. MoEngage
  10. Salesforce Experience Cloud
  11. Pega
  12. Intercom

Web Engage

WebEngage brings automation to your business by offering personalized communication that boosts customer engagement. It integrates user communication from various channels into one platform. It provides the following features that add to customer engagement.

  • Automated marketing messages and promotional content.
  • Support multiple digital channels in one place.
  • Leverage customer's data for personalized communication.
  • WebEngage also provides multi-channel engagement strategies that streamline operations.

WebEngage offers multiple services to users with plans starting from as low as $!9 and as high as $2700.


Zendesk, originally designed as a help desk, has now evolved into a customer engagement platform. It offers a comprehensive suite for enhancing customer satisfaction and sales. It provides connectedness and conversational user experience throughout their journey with the business. It offers the following critical features.

  • Offers support for multiple communication channels.
  • It has a tracking system for efficiently resolving customer queries.

Although Zendesk is not considered a customer engagement platform, it offers services businesses seek to deliver while promising customer engagement services.

It also fits every type and size of business; you have to figure out the right plan for your business. It has plans starting from $55 and going up to $115.

Just Reply

JustReply is a powerful customer support tool that seamlessly integrates with Slack, allowing you to view, respond to, and resolve customer queries. It is an ideal solution for small teams to streamline their customer engagement. It offers the following features to its users.

  • It allows customer support teams to integrate conversations with Slack, eliminating the need to switch platforms.
  • It lets you respond to customer queries in real time without leaving Slack, promoting efficient communication.
  • Track the status of tickets and monitor resolution, allowing the proactive management of customer issues and enhancing customer loyalty.

It offers plans starting with prices as low as $19 and going up to $59.

Service Bell

ServiceBell offers effective customer engagement solutions through its features, including live video chat and creating personalized experiences for website visitors. This enables businesses to address issues in real-time. Kye features that Service Bell offers are as follows.

  • It enables representatives and customers to view the same web page, enhancing collaboration and co-browsing.
  • It gives real-time alerts when users land on pages that allow businesses to provide personalized assistance.

It takes customer experiences to a new level by enabling interactions that make users feel valuable. However, Service Bell is an expensive platform with plans for up to $2500.


The upshot is a platform that integrates gamification into the customer engagement strategy. It offers various features that build and sustain user engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. It provides the following features to enhance customer relationship management.

  • It enables businesses to engage users with gamification tools such as badges, surveys, mini-games, and leaderboards, making their experience interactive.
  • It also allows businesses to gain insights into user behavior, making identifying and rewarding loyal and engaged users easy.

Upshot leverages gamification to make every user activity engaging and enjoyable, leading to increased customer engagement. Another good thing about UpShot is that its plans are very affordable for any size of business.


Braze is one of the customer engagement platforms that enhance businesses' attempts to improve customer engagement by combining personalization, gamification, and cross-channel communications. It enables users to use behavioral analytics data to deliver personalized and timely communication. The key features that Braze includes are as follows.

  • Braze offers multi-channel support, enabling businesses to reach customers through their preferred channel.
  • It allows data integration for seamless access to insights and analytics while providing in-depth reporting to measure the impact of customer actions.

Braze is not transparent about its pricing plans, so you must talk to its sales team about it.


ChurnZero is a robust customer engagement platform. Its automation capabilities support multi-channel communication and smart customer engagement analytics. It offers the following key features.

  • It allows businesses to run automated engagement campaigns, which allows customers to engage and reduce churn.
  • It helps businesses gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences with ChurnZero's in-depth analytics.
  • It also provides customized and personalized communications based on customer data and interactions, enhancing customer loyalty and driving higher engagement levels.

The platform also offers a range of fair and flexible agency pricing, which you can find according to your business needs.


amoCRM is one of the personalized customer engagement solutions that engages users through instant messengers. It leverages Messenger's unique role in driving commerce while offering the following features to its customers.

  • It supports a variety of instant messengers, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, enabling businesses to interact across various platforms.
  • It provides a unified inbox, allowing businesses to manage all the messages in a single platform.
  • It comes with a configurable AI sales bot that automates sales and engages with customers intelligently.

amoCRM has very affordable plans starting from $15 and going up to $45.


MoEngage is designed to facilitate effective interactions between businesses and their customers. It offers the following features to its users.

  • It has AI capabilities that automatically select the most effective variations for enhancing customer communication.
  • It offers robust personalization features that create customizable journeys for individual customers.
  • MoEngage also enables businesses to reach their customers using multiple channels.

It has various plans and packages that can also be customized for business needs, and you can connect with their team to get the most suitable plan.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a comprehensive platform that integrates various Salesforce offerings, including Experience Builder, CMS, CRM, Mobile Publisher, and more. It has the following key features.

  • You can access various customer service tools within Salesforce Experience Cloud, enabling your business to deliver exceptional customer support and engagement experiences.
  • Businesses can also utilize dedicated features to build and manage partner channels, enhance collaboration, and result in business growth.

Salesforce service plans start at $25 and go up to $550, offering flexibility for every size and type of business.


Pega's Customer Decision Hub is an advanced customer engagement solution that uses predictive intelligence to deliver real-time personalized communications across all channels.

  • Pega can provide a detailed analysis of every user interaction, enabling businesses to understand the context and deliver engagement.
  • Pega also offers adaptive, real-time personalization capabilities, allowing businesses to customize interactions based on user behavior and preferences.

Pega has various flexible plans for businesses, so you should analyze all of them and their offerings to find the right one for you.


Intercom is a renowned customer engagement platform that focuses on chatbots and live chat interactions. It offers the following features.

  • It has robust live chat software with advanced automation capabilities for customer onboarding.
  • The chatbot also has features to greet website visitors with personalized messaging, routing, and scheduling.

Intercom has various plans that fix all business requirements, so you can visit them to find the perfect plan for your business.

Which Customer Engagement Platform is Most Effective?

To determine which customer engagement platform is the most effective for you, you must consider the following aspects.

Budget is essential when deciding, as you may find software that fits your goals. Still, it exceeds your budget, which can be inefficient in the whole context of business operations.

You should carefully analyze the software's offerings regarding customer engagement, as many tools may not market them directly as a customer engagement platform. Still, they have enough features to enhance customer engagement.

Many customer engagement platforms have multiple plans, so you should carefully look for what plan suits your needs. You may hear of good reviews of an engagement tool, but selecting the wrong plan can severely impact its capabilities.

Summing Up

You can enhance user engagement by selecting the right customer engagement software for your business. All your customer data will be successfully managed using these engagement tools, allowing you to retain a loyal customer base, which is essential to business success. 

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