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Part of the reason teams jump on the Slack bandwagon is that it offers a convenient way to stay connected. After all, if 80% of Fortune 100 companies are using it, there must be something to it, right? 

A quick look at Slack's features will tell you that it can do more than just back-and-forth messaging. From marketing and project management to connecting with external teams, Slack does quite a lot. 

But just because it inherently has these features doesn't mean every team is using them efficiently. So, how do you enhance your Slack productivity? We've got a few tips to help amp up your Slack game. 

Who Can Use Slack?

The short answer is everyone. Any team or business can benefit from using Slack, whether it's just two people or an entire organization. 

A few use cases include: 

  • Marketing Teams: The marketing department can use Slack to connect with each other, share files and ideas, collaborate on campaigns, and even connect with external partners or agencies through Slack Connect
  • Tech Teams: Collaborative development is made easy with Slack. Tech teams can use it to discuss code, share updates, and get real-time feedback. They can also integrate it with GitHub or similar tools. 
  • Customer Support: The primary use case of Slack for customer support teams is ticket resolution. Customer service teams can address tickets directly from Slack with JustReply, reducing response time and improving customer satisfaction
  • Remote Teams: Slack is an excellent tool for remote teams, especially those spread out across different time zones. Besides allowing communication, it also builds a sense of community among peers. 

We can go on and on. But you get the point about Slack's versatility.

5 Best Practices for Slack Productivity 

Best practices for Slack productivity 

Whether you're just getting started with Slack or have been using it for a while, here are some best practices to enhance your productivity on the platform. 

1. Organize Conversations by Channels 

A common reason for teams not being able to benefit as much from Slack is the haphazard organization of conversations. There's often too much going on in each channel. As a result, nothing gets done properly. 

You can avoid this by creating channels for individual conversations. Suppose you're a marketing team. Instead of creating a single channel called #marketing, create separate channels for different projects or campaigns. 

Or opt for separate channels for each stage in the pipeline or every marketing medium. For example, content marketing has its own channel, while email marketing has another. 

Also, train your team on using Slack Threads. These are mini-conversations within a channel, which help keep discussions organized and focused. 

Use threads in Slack

Let's say two of your marketing experts need to discuss whether the color scheme on the landing page fits the brand's vision. Instead of discussing this in the main channel, they can start a thread within the #design channel. 

Threads prevent clutter and make it easier for team members to follow conversations. If the Thread has come to a conclusion, the team member can route the Thread to the main channel for approval or further discussion. 

2. Set Reminders in Slack 

What better way to improve Slack productivity than by taking advantage of its reminder feature? It's easy to miss important tasks when you're bombarded with work. You might forget to attend a meeting or send in a report. 

The /remind command comes to the rescue. Slack lets you set reminders for your channel and yourself. 

For example, you can set a reminder to post the weekly report every Friday at 5 pm. Or remind yourself to follow up on a client's email in two days. Slack also has recurring reminders for tasks you need to do repeatedly every week or month. 

3. Use Slack Polls and Huddles

We'll get into Slack integrations later on. For now, let's focus on Slack's innate features that help boost productivity. 

Slack Huddles 

Sometimes, you and a co-worker are discussing something. A minute later, they're over at your desk because they want to talk about the matter face-to-face. 

Slack Huddles are similar, minus the actual walking over to each other's desks. Instead of going back and forth on a channel or Thread, you can start an audio or video call in seconds. It's a quick way to discuss urgent matters or have a spontaneous brainstorming session. 

Slack Polls 

Uncertainty causes many delays in workplace operations. You're not sure if a certain decision is the best one, or you can't decide which design to go with. Don't waste hours on indecisiveness. Use Slack Polls to gather opinions and make quick decisions. 

Slack polls 

4. Don't Sleep on Slack Logs

Slack logs can tell you a lot about their team. How many members are actively participating in discussions, how many messages are exchanged per day, which channels are frequently used, and so on.  

You can use Slack logs to evaluate the team's communication and collaboration dynamics. These insights will tell you the status of productivity in your team. If there's a need for improvement, you know where to start. 

5. Leverage Slack Integrations 

Slack supports over 2,600 integrations with popular project management, marketing, scheduling, cloud storage, and other productivity applications

These integrations serve as a bridge between Slack and your frequently used apps. One such integration is JustReply, a customer support tool that brings ticket management right into Slack. 

Being Slack-enabled, it allows you to see all your customer queries in the dedicated Slack channel and resolve them directly from there. 

Be More Productive With Slack 

As you would have understood by now, the key to Slack productivity is the complete and efficient use of Slack's features. The more you use it, the more productive your team will become. 

Don't limit yourself to just the inbox. Explore features like channels, direct messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, polls, logs, and integrations. Put them to work, and you'll notice a rise in team productivity. 

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